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New Year "DATSMEET" Show & Shine
Ricky and Ronnie's Diner in Torrance

Jan.20, 2007

What a nice turn-out for the first time "New Year DATSMEET Show and Shine!"
Katy's Nest wants to THANK YOU ALL who those drove your Datsun and attend to the show, Far from San Diego to Ranch Cocomonga...Hope everyone had good time and food!

Total entry between 9am to 2pm was 70 cars, PLUS the spectators Datsuns showed up too. Sorry for those who could not get inside! This was more like a meeting at the restaurant with Awards of " My Favorite Datsun of the Day",. --- No matter how your Datsun looks like, they are the great Datsun --- Datsun spirits awards.

Z, 510, Roadster, 620 PK, 1200, 610, 411, 521 PK & Skyline
Datsun Boys, So Cal UFO, PCH Midnight, GroupZ and SoCal ROC

Also we would like to extend our THANKS to Ricky and Ronnie's Diner for good food and care. We would love to come back again.

2007年KATYが企画、独占リポートは、お正月だよ!ダッツミート[ニューイヤーダッツミート ショウ&シャイン」、トーランス市で有名なクルーズインダイナーで70台のエントリープラス、入りきれなかったダットサンたちごめんなさい、で大成功におわりました。曇ったり晴れたりの天気でしたが暑過ぎず寒すぎずでGOOD!(LAにしては寒い長袖が必要な冷たい風!

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