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12th West Coast Z Car Nationals
The Biggest Z car show in So Cal- April 2007-

What a day! The show welcomed its 12the year ...the same as Toyotafest, one of the long-run event! We have been telling this for years and years, THIS DAY is the ultimate day for Z car enthusiasts in all over the United States and the world! The event relocated to a venue about 10 miles away from original location, the Motor Sports Auto in CO, to this pretty Canyon Park in Irvine. All the Z surrounded the little lake in the middle. Such a typical weather in SoCal, cold and cloudy in the morning...however...all registered Zoo got in line as early as 3am...regardless. Katy's 240 Z got there at 7am and there was already a long line :p.
Thanks MSA for having us and the show was SUPER!!!

今年で12回目(トヨタフェスタと同じ!)のWest Coast Nationals は、一年に一度、あたまの先からつま先までZ漬けになる1日です。今年はいつものショップの前ではなく東に10マイル程はなれたナイスな公園、湖の横でグリーンの上ならではのユッタリした一日を満喫できました。この日は3日間のイベントのうちの最終日、カーショウです。


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