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Special Report from team Kaneko...
Rotary 510 BEATS Evo, Sti and 350ZX at Time Attack race!

If you a one of a Datsun or Rotary guys who challenge in major races and car shows in So-Cal, you must have seen Tod Kaneko's Rotary 510, built in super tough!
Here is the awesome short report about the 510 from Tod. The winning driver Billy,19 years old racer is a nephew of his, he is the supernova! go Billy!

SoCalに限らず, 日本でもダットサン、ロータリーガイならまず皆みた事のあるTODの510.

" This is a 35 year OLD car, My Nephew, Billy Johnson is 19 year old and drives a car is almost twice his age!

As you know the 510 is not so good in aerodynamics (shape is like a “brick”), We lose out on high speed cornering effect and we really do not want to add all of that “gotty” looking wings and splitters for aerodynamic advantage. We like to maintain the Old Skool look while beating many of the new generation EVO, STi, and 350ZX hardware. We are all out there just to have fun and 3rd place not bad. We hope for better results with the new work plan. Right now I am too busy with work, so I hope to have something out testing later this year."

Special Props to “Team Kaneko” members!

Billy Johnson
Mario Lozano
Todd Matsubara
Abel Ibarra
Simon Wagner
Cary Eisenlower

Billy also just won at the Daytona Grand Am Endurance Cup Race 
He's got a great talent.

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